Flights and trains

Flights and train tickets to the starting point of the tour (Salekhard for the Yamal Peninsula, Yakutsk for Yakutia, etc) are not included in any of our set itineraries. The reason we do not include them automatically is that there are several different ways to reach these places. Different people prefer to arrive using different transport types. In addition, not everyone comes to Russia via the same ports of entry. Some people may be coming from Europe via Moscow, others from Asia via Vladivostok. These would require completely different flights to the trips’ start points.

Flights are included in the trip price when the are flights within a particular region and form an integral part of the tour route. Examples are Anadyr to Egvekinot in Chukotka, or Yakutsk to Saskylakh when visiting the Dolgans in Yakutia. These are essential to the trip, there are no alternatives, and everyone needs the same flights. In addition, they can be very difficult to buy from abroad.

However, we are always happy to include all and any train tickets, flights or ferry tickets in the trip price by special request. If you want them included, please let us know where you will be arriving from. We will provide you several of the most suitable options.

Whether you buy flights and train tickets or we buy them, we will always provide a transfer with an English-speaker between your hotel and the airport or train station. This will be either your guide or, if your guide is meeting you upon arrival in the destination, a driver with fluent English. They will help you with your bags and take you to the correct check-in counter or make sure you find the right train.

If you prefer to book everything yourself, we are happy to advise the best options. Skyscanner usually provides the most comprehensive list of flight routes to, from and within Russia at the best prices. RZD does the same for Russian rail journeys.