Clothing and equipment rental

Buying your own cold-weather gear can be very expensive. It also takes up a lot of space and weight in your luggage. You may find it easier and cheaper to rent your clothing, boots and sleeping bag from us. We will deliver it to you at the beginning of your trip and collect it from you at the end. This means you will have more space in your luggage for other items and are less likely to have to pay excess baggage fees at the airport.

With our many years of experience of Russian Arctic winters, we also know exactly what sort of clothing you are going to need. After plenty of trial and error, we have selected a set of jackets, trousers, boots and sleeping bags that we are sure will get you through your trip safely and comfortably. Our jackets and trousers are rated down to -45°C, our boots are rated to -50°C and our sleeping bags are rated to -60°C.

Exact rental prices depend on the length of your trip. You will find more information on the inclusions and exclusions list at the bottom of each tour page on this website.