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1. Join Nenets nomads during their winter migration on the Yamal Peninsula

2. Join Nenets nomads during their summer migration on the Yamal Peninsula.

3. Trekking through nomad territory in the Polar Ural Mountains.

4. Overland from Karelia to the Yamal Peninsula.

5. Polar bears, walrus, muskox, 1 million reindeer and a colony of 1 million birds on the Taymyr Peninsula.

6. Hiking the Putorana Plateau.

7. Mammoth graveyards, gulags, indigenous horse herders and more in Arctic Yakutia.

8. Join the Dolgan nomads on their winter migration 1000km north of the Arctic Circle.

9. Indigenous horse herders and reindeer herders in central Yakutia.

10. Overland from Magadan to Yakutia to Chukotka.

11. Mammoth tusk hunters on Yakutia’s Arctic Ocean islands.

12. Mammoth tusk hunters in mainland Arctic Yakutia.

13. Dog Sledding on Yakutia’s River Lena.

14. The Road of Bones from Yakutsk to Magadan.

15. Nomads, whale hunters, polar bears and walrus rookeries in Chukotka.

16. The Nenets Mecca / Easter Island of the Arctic.

17. Three Seasons of Russia: overland from the Arctic to the Caucasus through winter, spring and summer.