Welcome to the world’s most off the beaten track travel destination – the Extreme North of Russia. Come and visit the world’s most traditional nomadic people, mammoth graveyards, indigenous whale hunters, timeless log cabin villages, fearsome gulag concentration camps, Neolithic stone labyrinths, “the Easter Island of the Arctic”, rookeries of up to 80,000 walrus that nest within eyesight of isolated villages and are fed on by enormous polar bear populations.

Nomadic Nenets reindeer herders migrating on the Yamal Peninsula, Arctic Siberia

Nomadic Nenets reindeer herders migrating on the Yamal Peninsula, Arctic Siberia

Indeed, with so many mind-bogglingly spectacular attractions for the serious adventure traveler, you might wonder why the Russian Arctic is not better known as a destination. One reason is that Russia itself only opened up for tourism in 1991 with the fall of Communism, while its Arctic regions are still completely closed to outsiders, Russian or otherwise, who do not go through months of security checks to obtain a temporary permit.

Dogs vs polar bears

Dogs vs. polar bears

Another reason is that no roads lead here. Most people in the region, whether nomads, villagers or town-dwellers, live thousands of kilometres from the nearest road or rail network. Travel requires knowing experienced all-terrain vehicle drivers, irregular and confusing riverboat and helicopter timetables, or hiring snowmobiles.

Due to our long experience in the region, we are able to offer group and individual trips, including all necessary permits and transport connections, with the maximum possible amount of both comfort and cultural immersion in one of travel’s last true frontier regions.

Whether migrating on reindeer-drawn sledges with Nenets nomads on the Yamal Peninsula, spearing down down whales with indigenous Chukchi people on the Bering Sea or snowmobiling out onto the frozen Arctic Ocean with Yakut mammoth tusk hunters to reach the New Siberian Islands, we guarantee to provide you with an experience that almost no other traveller has had.