Welcome to the edge of the world, to the cutting edge of adventure tourism. The Extreme North remains as closed to outsiders today, Russian or otherwise, as it was during the days of Communism and access requires special permits that take months to obtain. The rewards awaiting the intrepid traveler who makes it this close to the top of the world are, however, quite mind-boggling. Nomadic reindeer herders roam these Arctic wastes with herds of up to 10,000, dressing in reindeer furs, living in reindeer-hide teepees, traveling by reindeer-drawn sledge and worshipping the gods of an ancient shamanistic religion. Their “Mecca”, the Arctic Ocean island of Vaygach, is occasionally referred to as the “Easter Island of the Arctic” as it is strewn with hundreds of wooden and stone idols and sacrificial sites.

Of course not only the indigenous live here. Russians also colonised the area, beginning with the Pomors who settled here in the Middle Ages and in some areas have preserved their unique culture, speech and log architecture.  Later of course the Soviets came, bringing another wave of settlers and building some of their most fearsome Gulag concentration camps, the remains of which can be visited today.  In the very northernmost villages polar bears can occasionally be seen on the outskirts or even venturing into the streets!

As well as cultural tourism the region offers fantastic rafting and trekking opportunities in the tundra, taiga or Polar Ural Mountains. Fly fishing and spin fishing are also world-class, with visitors catching Arctic Char weighing up to 10kg, Arctic Cisco up to 2.5kg, Siberian and European Grayling up to 2kg, Pink Salmon up to 3kg, Burbot up to 5kg and Lake Char up to 3kg. Whether you want to go to the well-known and accessible Kola Peninsula or the more far-flung Nenets Autonomous Okrug and fish where few foreigners have fished before, the Russian Arctic has something for everyone.

While tourism in the Extreme North has long been limited to a handful of wealthy businessmen each year able to pay for private helicopter hire, that is no longer the case. More and more opportunities are opening up and, as you will see by looking at the prices on this website, it is becoming possible to offer tours at rates affordable to everyone, especially as of 2012.

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